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Unusual Wine Tour to Etyek with an Old Trabant

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | Stalin, Perestroika and Sputnik! All pages in history books now, but communist achievement leaves on after the Berlin wall came down – the mighty Trabant! East Germany’s cardboard contribution to the motoric dream of millions can now be yours!

Travel with a legendary Trabant accompanied by one of our program managers to discover the spectacular sights of Etyek’s wine region and wine cellars during and alternative program. The sommelier will show you around the cellars to give a taste of wine making - and its results as well! 4 hours tour with a winery visit, tasting and lunch.

Please note, that the cars are not air conditioned!!

Max. travellers in a car: 3 persons.





BOOKING & MORE INFORMATION | wineamore@wineamore.hu | +36 30 205 2840


PLEASE NOTE | The prices are valid until further notice and are subject to change due to seasons and availability. | SHOULD YOU WISH to change any part of the program please contact us for our suggestion. We will be more than happy to prepare a customized tour for you: educational or training wine tours, luxury private gourmet tours, sommelier service etc.


Etyek-Buda wine region: fresh, light and easy

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | Full day tour to Etyek-Buda wine region | Let’s escape from the town, visit the countryside and the “vineyard of Budapest”. Mostly white wines of high acidity are made here applying champagne method, sparkling wines and light, fresh wines in stainless steel barrels. We visit two villages and 2 cellars during our tour. We also stop at a local...

Tour Description

Etyek wine and movie

Why don’t you stroll with us among the stunning vineyards of Etyek, enjoy the fascinating landscape, the mild hills, the tidy rows of vine. Etyek “the vineyard of Budapest” mostly makes fresh, crispy white and sparkling wines. Beyond tasting excellent wines in antique cellars some local cheese and ham are also presented. We look behind the scenes of moviemaking in Korda Film Park, reveal some filmmaking tricks during our studio tour.

Tour Description

Grape escape to Etyek, the vineyard of Budapest

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | Half day tour to Etyek | Etyek is a wine region located about thirty kilometers west from Budapest. It is a perfect destination for travelers getting tired of the city noise and crowds.

Tour Description

Available all year round

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