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Taste of Budapest

Experience Budapest from a different view! What is “lángos, pogácsa, rétes or pálinka”? When do we eat those cucumbers and cabbages in the jars? How many types of paprika do we use? What is the name of the chocolate-filled multi layered cake? Is Olaszrizling a type of Riesling, why do we add soda water to dry white wines, do we make sparkling wines? You will find answers to each of these questions and reveal the secrets of the traditional Hungarian cuisine, eating and drinking habits.


4 hours’s walking tour Central Market Hall visit

♦ Tasting some local food (lángos, rétes, pogácsa)

♦ Visiting an exclusive roof-top bar (1 glass of wine)

♦ Cake and coffee in an elegant Cafe House

♦ Travelling by tram (tickets included)

♦ Small group, personalized service

♦ Wine a’More’s wine tour guide



The Central Market Hall is the everyday market for the people in Budapest. The stalls are owned by local venues; selling fruits, vegetables, meat, sausages, salamis, paprika, fois gras, and other specialties. Your local guide is sharing her/his passion for food and the Hungarian cuisine with you. Later you will visit an exclusive roof top wine bar, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Budapest with a glass of wine in your hand. At the end of the tour you are going to enjoy some delicious cakes and coffee in one of the most prestigious Budapest Cafes.


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SHOULD YOU WISH to have a tailor-made tour, please contact us! We will be more than happy to prepare a customized tour for you!


Budapest-Tokaj wine tour by bike

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The Budapest International Wine Festival

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Sparkling Wine Sensation in Budapest

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