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The Classics: Tokaj and Eger wine region tour

TOUR | on request | 5 days 4 nights | Join us in our extraordinary private tour to Eger and Tokaj, two of the most known wine regions of Hungary! Experience the diversity of Furmint grape, taste late harvest wines, Szamorodni and Tokaji Aszú. Learn about Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood), Egri Csillag, Kékfrankos and other lovely cuvees of Eger while admiring the mesmerizing ambience. The Tokaj wine region is Hungary’s world famous wine region. The region gained its reputation as the producer of the "Wine of Kings” and the “King of Wines". Tokaji Aszú wine has been made for 450 years. Feel the atmosphere of the charming baroque city of Eger while enjoying the state-of-the-art wines. The first two things every Hungarian recalls hearing the name of Eger are: Egri Vár (castle) heroically defended by Constable István Dobó and the red wine Bull’s Blood.


♦ Two totally diverse, yet interesting and unique wine regions of Northern Hungary
♦ Exploring Tokaj wine region, the part of UNESCO world heritage
♦ Discovering hidden miracles of Tokaj’s late harvest Aszú wines
♦ Wondering the methamorphosis of Furmint grape
♦ Bikavér (the Hungarian blue cuvee) experience in Eger
♦ Visiting "Sódomb" the salt limestone hill 
♦ Presentation of the Jewish heritage of Tokaj wine region
♦ Short sightseeing and visiting the Archbishop’s Cellar in Eger
♦ Vinegar and cheese manufacturer’s visit
♦ Short vineyard walk to spot Nagy-Eged hill 
♦ Picnic in Tokaj wine regions
♦ Cellar visits and wine tastings with distinguished winemakers of the regions of Eger and Tokaj
♦ Trying top and award winning wines
♦ Wine dinners
♦ 5 days / 4 nights
♦ Small group, personalized service
♦ Wine a’More's wine tour guide




Day 1. | Departure from Budapest at 8:30 AM to Eger. The tour can depart from Eger as well on request. | The tour starts in one of the region’s biggest winery which was founded in 1999 in Eger. We start gathering the information about the region and its grape varieties while admiring the beautiful view to Nagy-Eged Hill, Eger’s top vineyard. The winery grows vines in 36 hectares bearing in mind the philosophy of “making natural, terroir driven and perfect wines while respecting the roots of traditional winemaking.” The winery itself is an exceptional example of the contemporary Hungarian architecture. We taste carefully selected wines with cold cuts. We head to Egerszalók a small town nearby after the tasting.  One of the town’s main attractions is the thermal spring erupting from deep in the earth and limestone hill created by water runoffs over the years. The “Salt Hill” has become the symbol of the region, it is unique in Europe. We take a walk around the 1200 square metres hill before arriving for our second tasting. The winemaker creates incomparable, lovely wines. His philosophy is very simple: the quality of wine depends on the health of the grapes in vineyards. He believes in terroir, love for professionalism. We say good-bye and check-in to our hotel. Dinner will be offered at the hotel with typical Hungarian courses.


Day 2. | Key experiences in the morning will include a walking tour in the beautiful historical town of Eger: the visit to the Monstrous Basilica – the second largest in Hungary – Dobó Square and the Archbishop’s Cellar. We deserve a little rest after the tiring sightseeing in a winebar. At the Bikavér Museum we try the elegant, high quality wines of Eger region. Cold lunch will be offered during the programme. You will have the afternoon to yourself for further exploration. You might wish to visit the Eger Castle, enjoy the thermal bath of Eger or simply stroll in the narrow baroque streets.An incredible experience is waiting for us in the evening at the next winery. We will taste top Eger wines and have dinner in the winery surrounded by 30 meter high walls of stone quarry.  There are 9 cellars within the 1.2 hectares area. The winemaker has been making wines since 2003, harvests from 25 hectares and believes that besides Bikavér, Kékfrankos and Hárslevelű can bring success to Eger.


Day 3. | We check-out from the hotel after breakfast and head to the historic wine region of Tokaj. After 90 minutes’ journey, we arrive in a small village, the heart of the region where the sunny vineyards are waiting for us to discover. We are grabbing our picnic baskets full of local products and of course some wines and climb up to the hill. Besides tasting some wines our local wine guide explains about the grapes, winemaking traditions and the diversity soils and importance of stones. In case of very unfavourable weather conditions the tasting will be held in a wine restaurant where the lunch will be offered. After strolling among the vineyards and having lunch, some treasures are waiting for us to be explored in the six hundred years’ old cellar labyrinth. Hiding away in the underground world we walk to a nearby mansion for a presentation about Jewish heritage of the region. Our local expert guide is telling us about the golden age of Tokaj, the history of a local family and their connection to wine. At the end of the day we check in our hotel, and have some time for relaxation before starting our gala dinner with seasonable courses and wines. If we are lucky enough, during the day we will meet with Mr. István Szepsy, „Les Seigneur du Vin 2013” who is telling us about the respect to nature, engagement and love.


Day 4. | To kick off our day we take a visit at a small cheese manufacturing factory and after it we follow our journey to the botrytised sweet wine world with some late harvest and aszú wines at one of the region’s biggest winery and cellar. Lunch is offered at a nearby restaurant with typical Hungarian courses. The afternoon is for visiting the city of Tokaj, where we have an hour free time for optional programmes, eg. to have a coffee, to visit World Heritage Wine Museum or to walk on the beach of Bodrog River, where the Tokaj wines was transported from to the western world in the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarch and before, starting their way to be the “Wine of Kings, King of Wines" as Louis XV of France called them. The dinner will be offered at a winery owned castle hotel’s charming restaurant, where the food is composed to their typical Tokaj wines.


Day 5. | For starting the day our driver takes us to the wine vinegar house. Having learnt about the procedure of vinegar making, we meet a lady winemaker in a nearby village. She will guide our feet in her cellar and explain how hand-crafted wines of exceptional quality are made. Our Tokaj programme ends with a lunch at a wine estate owned restaurant, at the foot of the vineyards. Some can walk in the vineyards or climb up the hill to touch the funny shape rocks. For a short relax some may climb up the hill or just stroll in the vineyards, before leaving the region. We arrive to Budapest in the evening. The evening is for free, for exploring Budapest or an optional Wine Bar Tour can be booked.



The historic landscape of Tokaj was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002. Tokaji is the prestige brand of Hungary, unique and excellent. Tokaji Aszú is the world’s greatest natural sweet wine, a medicine, a gift of the nature. Furmint is the dominant grape variety of Tokaj. It is an autochthon type, a late ripener with high acidity and sugar levels and especially susceptible for botrytis. Due to its unique characteristics it is the perfect base for both dry and sweet Tokaj wines. Since Tokaj is a closed wine region, the law determines the grape varieties that can be grown here, like Hárslevelű, Kövérszőlő, Zéta or Sárgamuskotály. Walk around the lovely vineyards, learn about vintages and the diversity of the volcanic soils, meet the winemakers and explore the hundred years old cellars. Taste the finest dry single vineyards Furmints, search for apricot, lime or quince flavours in the late harvest, dry fruits and honey in the nectar-like Aszú wines.

The uniqueness of the Eger wine region has always been its ability to grow vines capable of producing quality red and white wines. The most famous one of the region is undoubtedly the Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood) which is a Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) based red cuvee, a blend of three or more grapes. Winegrowers invest a lot of time and money for repositioning this brand. We are going to taste some excellent examples during our tasting tour. Besides Kékfrankos, Pinot Noir, Cabernets and Kadarka are the most commonly planted red grape varieties. Among whites Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling and Leányka are the most popular ones, each autochthon types. There is a new region brand Egri Csillag (The Star of Eger) which is a uniform blend of white grape varieties


♦  5 days 4 nights’ accommodation in the wine regions
♦  Sightseeing in Eger and Tokaj
♦  Wine blending experience 
♦  7 wine tastings and cellar visits 
♦  3 cold cuts for lunch, 1 lunch at a wine estate 
♦  2  dinners, 2 gourmet wine dinners 
♦  Vineyard walk
♦  Picnic in the vineyard
♦  Vinegarand cheese manufacturer’s visit
♦  Presentation of the Jewish heritage of Tokaj wine region
♦  Cellar labyrinth visit
♦  Transfer from and to the hotel
♦  Wine a'More's wine tour guide


NOT INCLUDED | Personal expenses | Drinks and food other then detailed in the program | Prices of optional programmes


DEPATURE POINT | Meeting point in Budapest downtown or at your downtown hotel 


TRAVEL | Travel from and to Budapest by minibus


ACCOMMODATION | 2 nights in Eger and 2 nights in Tokaj wine region | Double rooms with breakfast | Single supplement on request


GROUP SIZE | 8 -14 persons |Please contact us for bigger groups or individual prices!



BOOKING & MORE INFORMATION | +36 30 205 2840 | wineamore@wineamore.hu


SHOULD YOU WISH | to arrive earlier or extend your stay, please contact us for our suggestion! | to travel in a different time, or change any part of the offered tour, please contact us! We will be more than happy to prepare a customized tour for you

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