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Eger wine region

The first two things every Hungarian recalls hearing the name of Eger, are: Egri Vár (castle) heroically defended by Constable István Dobó and the red wine Bull’s Blood. We are going to show you more than that during our Eger wine tour.

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Etyek-Buda wine region

After making just a 30 minutes journey from Budapest and you will arrive at a totally different world. The Etyek-Buda wine region lies 30 km from the capital. The two significant villages of the region are Tök and Etyek.

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Sopron wine region

The Sopron wine region is one of the oldest in Hungary. Wine growing traditions stretch back to times of the Celts and the ancient Romans. The Romans called it Scarabantia, and there is archaeological evidence proving that vines had been cultivated here.

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Tokaj wine region

Stones, aszú, Rákóczi, “puttony” nature, tradition, Furmint, botrytis, sinlgle vineyards, acidity, dry fruits, apricot - what do these words have to do with Tokaj? Come with us, and find out yourself! Tokaji is a THE prestige brand of Hungary, unique and excellent. Tokaji Aszú is the world’s greatest natural sweet wine, a medicine, a gift of the nature.

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Villány Szekszárd wine region

Villány, Szekszárd, Pécs and Tolna are the sub regions of the bigger Pannon wine region, in the southern part of Hungary. Both white and red grape varieties are cultivated here, in the over 20.0000 hectares of very different soils. The diversity of microclimate, the traditions, and the different winemaking approach of the growers offer a wide selection of Mediterranean style wines.

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