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Budapest based tours

The Budapest International Wine Festival

TOUR September 2019 | 4 days 3 nights | Buda Castle hosts one of the most spectacular wine festivals each September. The Budapest International Wine Festival is a great opportunity to get an overall impression of Hungarian wines, taste some local grape varieties and get to know some winemakers within a short period of time. The experience is combined with a wine tour to Eger and Tokaj, two of the most...

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Szekszárd-Villány Wine Region Tour and the City of Pécs

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | 5 days 4 nights Red wines forever | Slow down, look around and enjoy the hospitality of the winegrowers of Szekszárd and Villány wine regions! Come to the southernmost wine growing areas of Hungary, meet the winemakers of the estates. Try the best Mediterranean style red wines and the fruity, fresh whites....

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The Classics Tokaj and Eger wine region tour

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | 5 days 4 nights | Join us in our extraordinary private tour to Eger and Tokaj, two of the most known wine regions of Hungary! Meet the winemakers, visit the hundred-years’ old cellars and enjoy delicate food. Experience the diversity of Furmint grape, taste late harvest wines, Szamorodni and Tokaji Aszú. The Tokaj wine region is...

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Tokaj Wine Region Tour: The Masters

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | 2 days 1 night | Spend two days in Tokaj, Hungary's most famous wine region! Meet the winemakers whose efforts and devotion to the renaissance of Tokaj is exceptional. Experience the diversity of Furmint grape, walk in the hundred year’s old cellars and around the lovely vineyards, admire the landscape. Taste the best Tokaj wines learn about the Aszú wine making, the...

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Budapest-Tokaj wine tour by bike

TOUR | BUDAPEST-TOKAJ WINE AND BIKE EXPERIENCE | on request | 5 days 4 nights | Bike around the lovely vineyards, learn about vintages and the diversity of the volcanic soils, meet the winemakers and explore the hundred years old cellars in Tokaj and Neszmély wine regions. Spend some days in Tokaj, Hungary’s world famous wine region and...

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Magnificent Vineyards around Lake Balaton

TOUR | on request | 7 days 6 nights | The region is sunshine on the nose, pleasant summer scents on the pallet with a long happy Mediterranean finish. Lake Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe – besides being an attractive holiday resort, also a wine region of ten thousand hectares. We are going to get a deep insight into Balatonfüred-Csopak, Badacsony, Balatonboglár, the Káli Basin and...

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Budapest with Tokaj Experience

TOUR | on request3 days 2 nights | Visit Budapest one of the most beautiful cities of Europe! Combine a cultural visit with food and wine experience in the mystic wine region of Tokaj! Enjoy the vivid city life, admire the buildings of the Royal Palace, visit the Mathias Church and get a breathtaking panorama of the Danube with the Chain Bridge and the Pest side of the city. Have...

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Eger wine region tour - Beyond Bull's Blood

TOUR | on request | Come with us to Eger, blend your own Egri Bikavér cuvée (Bull’s Blood) in the exclusive wine bar then listen to the presentation of the iconic winemaker of the region about nature, humility and love. Discover Bikavér cuvée, the Hungarian Burgundy, the home of very different terroir, taste „Indián Nyár” (Indian Summer) or „Hazug...

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Wine tour to Tokaj: The Furmint Project

TOUR | on request | 5 days 4 nightsSpend some days in Tokaj, Hungary’s world famous wine region! The historic landscape was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002. Tokaji...

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Villány Tour - The Big Four

TOUR | on request | 2 days 1 night | Villány is a wine region located in the southern part of Hungary, and is well-known for its long-established wine traditions, high quality, massively tannic red wines, easily accessible cellars and the hospitality of the winegrowers. The wines are among the highly rated ones throughout the country, appreciated both by wine professionals and the wine lover...

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Little Hungarian Provence

TOUR | on request | 3 days 2 nights
Admire the landscape of Káli Basin, enjoy the fascinating ambience! Come with us off the beaten track! There are stones everywhere – in the vineyards, the gardens, in the forests – in this tiny 1500 hectares Balaton sub region. Hidden, between gentle hills and green fields, winemakers proudly cherish the 2000-year old tradition in the tranquil, idyllic...

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Tokaj region wine tour

TOUR | 3 days 2 nights | Spend some days in Tokaj, Hungary’s world famous UNESCO world heritage site! Tokaj gained its reputation as the producer of the Tokaji Aszú wine, which has been made for 450 years as "the king of wines and the wine of kings". The Tokaji wine is the prestige brand of Hungary, unique and excellent. But Tokaj means much more; it is the region, the town, the people,...

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