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lake Balaton

Balaton North - Food, wine, lake

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | The Balatonfüred – Csopak region is one of the outstanding wine-districts of Hungary, where wine-growing and wine-making has a history of more than two thousand years. Viticulture in this part of the country possibly started before the Roman Conquest and was certainly highly advanced during the tenure of the Romans here. The climate is particularly advantageous for wine growing. Lake Balaton,...

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Balaton South

TOUR STARTS ON REQUEST | Full day tour | Vineyards supervised by the bee-eaters | The bee-eaters are a group of near-passerine birds in the family Meropidae, mostly live in colonies. Large numbers of nest holes may be seen together, like along the way to Kishegy, Balatonlelle. After a 90 minutes journey from Budapest, sunshine, mesmerizing scenery and Mediterranean atmosphere welcome you in the South Balaton...

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